Television, Radio Shows, and Media. Oh My!

I love musicals. And I am obsessed with television.

So trust me when I say I freaked out after FOX announced it was putting on its own live musical extravaganza of Grease: Live!, in the same vein as NBC’s The WizThe Sound of Music, and Peter Pan. 

The Wiz was the best. But I digress.

As the actors took their final bows, (especially Vanessa Anne Hudgens, following her dad’s passing) after the last musical number, I couldn’t help realizing something.

It almost seems like our society is going backwards in terms of how we consume media.

For example, radio programs were all the rage in the 1920s. People consumed their news and entertainment through the airwaves— so much so that when Orson Welles narrated “The War of the Worlds” in 1938, audiences actually thought aliens were taking over the world and called local authorities.

Fast forward to today.

Serial is one of iTunes’ most popular podcasts and serves the same function. Without giving too much away this time around, Serial melds investigative reporting with storytelling to hook listeners.

During the “Golden Age” of television, and before the creation of videotape, people gathered around for the evening news and their shows because once they missed them, they were gone. But now people are watching live television voluntarily, even if they could catch it again online.

Of course we can still watch TV on our own terms, and often times alone, because of streaming websites like Xfinity and Hulu.

Do we secretly miss coming together as a society to sit around the boob tube like “the good old days” for “quality programming”? Have we gone so far with media that there’s no place to go but back?

That, I can’t say for sure. But what I can say is that I can’t wait  to see which musical comes next.




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