The Return of Awkward Black Girl!

Hi. My name is Maritza and I’m awkward… and Black.

Fortunately, the Queen of Awkward, Issa Rae, (or Jay to us ABG fans!) is back with the second season of Awkward Black Girl!

Check out the trailer to refresh your memory on an awesomely awesome Shorty Award-winning web series:

Let’s see how things go for Jay as she juggles a best friend who’s moving away, a new boss, and a (gasp) white boyfriend. The second season will premiere on Pharrell William’s new “creative venture and way of life”, iamOTHER Youtube channel.

After checking out the iamOTHER show lineup, I will of course be watching State of the Union, an “intimate weekly report” starring my husband, my lover, my favorite member of N.E.R.D because I can never remember the other guy’s name, the sexxxiest 39 year old on the planet iamOTHER president Pharrell Williams. Ahem. I just love his thoughts, ya know?

What are we talking about again?

I’m really excited about the upcoming show Stereotypes as well— it “tests assumptions about musical tastes based on physical appearance”. Yes, please! This sounds like so much fun. I think if someone guessed what I liked to listen to based on what I’m usually wearing around school, I’d probably get neo-soul or something just as horribly inaccurate.

But I suppose if I walk around looking like this, as if I literally ran in the rain after work at eight at night to take awkward pictures with poet Sonia Sanchez in the library across campus because that’s what Black feminist/womanist women’s studies majors do…

Maritza and Sonia Sanchez, Sonia Sanchez

I can’t blame people if they think I burn incense in my living room for fun or do breathing exercises to release my chakras. This VerySmartBrothas post entitled “Big Hair Problems and the Headwrap Paradox” from over a year ago had to have been written with me in mind— sadly number three is mostly true.

For the record, my musical tastes are just as random, if not more than Maika’s work out playlist (what a hipster thing to say).

What do people think that you listen to?

Did I mention ABG’s return on Thursday June 14?? Eeek!

rawr, Maritza

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  1. I love your blog! i stumbled on it on friday and i have been on it everyday! i watched the ABG episodes all weekend and its one of a kind, cant find a word to express myself…. also checked out the iamother website… cant wait till the 14th!. congratulations on your job offer, hope you like it. stop by my blog,, your comments are welcome 🙂

    1. Hi Abi! We like to write about things we would read ourselves so thank you so much for your support!!

      And only 8 more days!!!!

    1. Thanks, James! I’m actually wearing a shirt and a skirt. That belt does make it look like a dress though! 🙂 ~Maritza

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