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Three More Things to Do While Visiting Mexico as a Tourist

It’s time to finish up our Mexico as a tourist post! If you tuned in yesterday, you read Four Things to Do While Visiting Mexico as a Tourist. Here are the last three things that you should do if you get a chance to visit this awesome country. Watch the video below for all seven tips or read on below!

5. Go to the Beach

My next tip would be to go to the beach. I’m from Miami and we have a lot of beautiful beaches here. But it’s always great to experience the beach somewhere else. Both of the times that I went to Mexico, I got to visit two different beaches. They were both so beautiful. And while the water was a little cold because of the time of year that I went, it was still fabulous.

One of the things that I noticed was that some parts of the beach had actual wild animals and I was not expecting that! They would come right up and grab food from the tables if people left anything behind. One of the animals that I saw was an agouti. It was really cool to see the animals there and I also enjoyed the beach because it was cool and it’s nice to relax a little bit!

6. Embrace the Culture

When you’re traveling around it’s so important to appreciate the architecture, the people that you’re meeting, and the food that you’re eating. It’s so great to be able to go and experience these things so go, be open-minded and let yourself really appreciate the world around you.

Tacos in Mexico

7. Be Respectful

I think it goes without saying that no matter where you go, you should be respectful to the people that you’re meeting and their cultural norms. It makes for a better experience for you when you’re visiting and for all of the people who live there and who are sharing their space and homes with you.
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There you have it! Three more things you should do in Mexico as a tourist. You can read the first four tips here. And share yours below!

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