Truth Moment: Life after College…

Could be better.

It should be better.

I paid all of that money to go to school in the first place… it better get better.

But seriously, for the past 2 months I’ve been without a paying job and it definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park. There’s nothing fun about being broke. Or spending all day looking for a new job. When they say that job hunting is a full time job within itself, they’re not lying.

I’ll describe it for you.

The search starts off calmly enough. You send resumes out to the jobs that you qualify for. You start looking into company culture and thinking about whether or not that you could see yourself there long-term. Benefits are über important in the beginning of your search. 401K? Dental coverage? Health benefits? Without these things, it’s a definite deal breaker.

Then, if you’re like me, 1 week without doing anything and hearing absolutely no response from not even one company will start to drive you crazy. Soon enough, you’ll start sending resumes out to every firm/agency possible. Slave pay salary (trust me, that’s all too common in Miami)? You can make it work. Must be fluent in Portuguese? You’re a quick learner. At least 10+ years experience needed? They can overlook that.

You have potential.

At least that’s what I kept telling myself while I waited for someone to take the bait. The wait alone could’ve driven me crazy! But I’ve kept just enough of my sanity to come up with 3 tips to help you get through what may seem like one of the longest waits in your life.

  1. Just keep looking! It might be a long and arduous task, but you can do it! Your future depends on it. Literally. (No pressure, right?) LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Indeed, random job boards, etc. will be your best friend. And don’t forget to network!
  2. Take a break. Even though you should keep looking, don’t spend all day searching either. Step away from the computer and breathe. Watch TV, read a book, go for a jog, anything! If you don’t, you’ll be sure to go out of your mind. (Speaking from experience here. *twitch twitch*) There are tons of free things to do in South Florida, especially if you’re a blogger. 😉
  3. Don’t underestimate that unpaid internship. I’ve learned that South Florida is chock full of places that are willing to underpay (read: not pay you at all) for all of your hard work. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can still learn a lot, and you won’t have a gap in your work history. Who knows, it might even grow into something more.

Luckily enough, my search is over! Right when I was about to lose all hope, I got a call back. I don’t think I could’ve handled anymore interviews, so thank goodness for that!

Do you have any tips for surviving the job hunt? I have way more, but I think 3 is enough for today.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Oh! And life after college does get better. 🙂

life after college, college grad

<3 Maika

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