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Maybe it was the (crazily homogeneous) Emmy Awards, or the huge deal that was made over AMC’s Breaking Bad finale, but lately, we’ve been in an obsessive television watching mood. Some of us have been homebodies more than others, but the moving picture box has gotten us all trapped in its clutches. Just for fun, here is us waxing philosophical (philosophic? philosophically?) on some of our favorite things on television.

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Television and I have a long history. It began in elementary school when my sisters and I could only watch it on the weekends since school days were for homework and reading. Lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to watch more TV, especially the world news. It’s pretty hard for us to sit down for a half hour and watch the news since we all have so much to do, but we need to at least try. How many of us REALLY know what’s going on in Congress? Or what’s happening in Syria? Or about Obamacare? My hope is for all of us try and watch a bit more TV, and became more informed citizens.


We promise that next week will have absolutely nothing to do with television but Maritza and I have been watching a lot of it lately. Who has time for homework and extracurricular activities anyway?

The sixth season of Parks and Recreation premiered recently on NBC and I’m trying as hard as I can to catch up with old episodes so I can start watching. Maritza would gush about this show constantly… and I usually don’t trust her opinions on such matters. However, sitting at home for a few weeks after surgery had me bored enough to watch anything, so I gave the show a go. It is hilarious. Hilarious! I’m not going to even attempt to prove it to you because I’m not as funny as the people in this mockumentary. Just watch this short clip displaying the complex emotions of one of my favorite characters, Ron Swanson. You’ll understand.


Have I ever mentioned my love for television? Well, this week, my favorite thing is another television show (don’t judge me). HBO’s The Newsroom is a fictional account of the day-to-day activities of a cable news channel. I love how dynamic it is and the way it covers actual events. The show creator, Aaron Sorkin, admitted that Atlantis Cable News (ACN) is the “luckiest” station ever because they have the benefit of knowing how stories eventually turn out before “airing” them. For example, while real stations like NPR, Fox News, and CNN incorrectly broke the news that Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords had died after being shot in the head, ACN producer Don declared dramatically, “It’s a person. A doctor pronounces her dead, not the news.”

Last note – if you never see anything related to this show again, you still must check out the epic opening scene of the pilot episode:

Is the show kinda predictable because we already know what happens in real life? Is the music kinda cheesy and manipulative? Do I kinda hate all of the characters besides Dev Patel’s? You betcha! But I still eat it all up.


Okay. This is what you really wanted us to to get to. Scandal is back!!!! Well, technically it’s back October 3rd, but from the excitement that I feel, you’d think that it was on right now! I’m all caught up with seasons past and I absolutely cannot wait to see what Olivia and all of the crew will be up to next. Between the fashion, the drama, steamy romances and of course, scandals, I am a gladiator for life! Are you as anxious as I am for the new season to start??? Catch us live-tweeting @glamlifeblog at 10pm this Thursday! I can’t promise that it will be as interesting but it will certainly be as dramatic.

You probably don’t need this, but here’s the trailer to the first season aka what started it all:

How have you and television been lately? Did this post have the tone of a therapy session, or what?

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