We’re Back!

ladies-of-daily-ellementYou might have noticed a few things are different around here. We have a new name, new logo, and new layout! But don’t worry, all the content that you’ve come to know and love is still here, with tons more to come.

When we started GLAM Life Blog, we didn’t imagine that it would grow as it did, nor that we’d receive so much support. It was a fashion and events blog that we created to make a small imprint in the digital space. As time progressed, we realized that we had so much that we wanted to discuss: from career advice to current events to home décor.

So we took it upon ourselves to recreate our little corner of the internet to better reflect the kind of content that we want to produce — just in time for spring! We hope that you’ll love what we’ve done with the place. As always, feel free to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The ladies of Daily Ellement

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