What’s green, slimy inside and pointy all over?

I think that on the path to living your “glammest” life possible, you must put your best foot face forward. One of the greatest ways of doing so is by starting with a blank, clean canvas. Literally. Wash your face.



Now. Do you want to know another way of cleansing and beautifying your skin? You do? Yay! Then, the aloe vera plant is for you.

Known as the “plant of immortality”, folks have been slathering, chopping, boiling, and blending aloe for over 2000 years… It’s been around the block a few times.

The beauty of aloe is that it seems to be everywhere. Originally from (you guessed it) Africa, you can now stumble upon it online right outside, in your back yard. You’ll eat it as one of your frozen yogurt toppings.

Aloe yougurt toppings

You’ll find it in lotion to sooth burns,

aloe lotion

bottled juices to drink.

aloe juice

One of my favorite uses for the gel is as a face mask. You simply open up the covering and wipe the clear sap over the face and neck. You’ll immediately notice how cool the gel makes your face feel. After a few minutes, the thin layer of aloe dries and stiffens your skin… until you rinse it off and appreciate how smooth and fresh it leaves it! Some say that the plant can even remove dark marks from acne scars.

Sure, some people have questioned the efficacy of the various uses of aloe vera but my grandma says it’s good as someone who struggled with horrible acne for years, this natural substance work wonders for me. Heck, maybe aloe really doesn’t have the benefits that people have been claiming it has for millennia and we’re all just experiencing a mass placebo effect because the pointy, sticky green thing just looks like it’s doing something. As long as aloe is being used in moderation and it isn’t hurting me, I’m cool with that.

aloe, aloe slices

rawr, Maritza.

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