Young Fashionistas: More Fashionable Than You!

So this morning I dropped my younger sister off at school. While I watched her walk away, I noticed a few of the other girls making their way inside. And some of them looked older than me! They weren’t flunkies (well, they might’ve been) but full-fledged fashionistas. (The boys… not so much. But they’re all supposed to be late bloomers, right?) Anyway, these girls were sporting cute cardigans, high-waisted shorts, blazers, and sophisticated weaves — invisible part included!

I did not look like that in high school.

Hell, I’m still trying to figure out this whole sense of style thing that everybody seems to be harping on about. When I was in high school (omg I sound so old!) I always wore my hair in a huge puff until I stupidly decided to perm it senior year for prom, which is an entirely different story. I would wear jeans and some sandals and called it a day. A dress or a skirt was strictly for church.

Now, this might just show how bad my sense of fashion was “back in the day” (my sisters might argue it still is haha), but I don’t really remember any of my high school friends, or classmates, or school colleagues in general being particularly fashion forward.

Kids today (gag for using this phrase!) have a leg up. TV shows like Styled by June and What Not to Wear, and YouTube “style gurus” have everyone and their mommas thinking that they can save the next person from a dreadful fashion faux pas.

june ambrose, styled by june

I’m not hatin’.

Ok, maybe a little bit. Do you know how many fashion don’ts I would’ve been save from during those oh-so-character-building high school moments? Too many.

But maybe there is a bigger picture that I’m not focusing on. *camera pans in closely to face* Did those fashion fails help mold me into the sympathetic, understanding individual that I am today? Would I appreciate movies that have makeover scenes as much as I do if I never once thought that I needed one myself? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Lol. I’m just kidding. The kids looked cute, maybe a little grown, but cute. Perhaps when they grow up they’ll look back at themselves and laugh at their fashion choices as they stroll down a Facebook facilitated memory lane.

I would lurk around my sister’s high school to take candid street style shots of these students for you all to see, but prowling around schools is generally frowned upon in our society.

So let’s discuss. What were some of your biggest fashion fails growing up? (Pictures are greatly welcomed! :))

<3 Maika

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  1. Lol true snapping pictures could lead to trouble. I know what your talking about. Some of these young girls look older than me. I’m not sure why there in a hurry. They’ll have plenty of time to get old. Mine as well enjoy the ecxuse,”I was young then”. If they try to pull of styles that are to young for them later on in life, they’ll regret the time they wasted trying to look older.

    1. Exactly! But I guess that’s what always happens. You want to look older when you’re younger and younger when you’re older! Haha 😉

      1. Lol true. On the bright side, these girls are getting great advice. I grew up watching What Not To Wear. I went through phases I’m not proud of but they gave great advice on how to find clothes that fit. Not everyone is blessed with oldr siblings or fashionable family members. So these types of shows can offer reassuring advice they are getting on-line.

  2. I don’t have a younger sister high school but I have a younger cousin, and this little lady works it. She went from hating anything dressy to full fledged fashionista seems like over night. She has 5 inch heels and wedges, she knows how to fill in her brows, and she is even up on the floral trend! How, why and when I can’t take it, I told her is growing up too fast for me.

    I was quite the fashionista in high school, I never wore sneakers, I rarely wore jeans and I stayed with lipgloss and lipliner (that was a horrible trend) lol. My biggest fail was probably wearing the teeniest tinest shorts and skirts ever! OMG, thinking back I was horrible and my mom let me get away with it. Some days my skirts were so short I would bring a towel with me to class to cover my legs up when I sat down #fail. lol.

    1. Lol I remember the lipgloss and lipliner trend haha. And my mom would’ve killed me for wearing a skirt that short! Lmao. And I always felt gangly in skirts and dresses when I was younger because my legs were waaaay longer in comparison to my torso haha

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